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Unfinished Business in Indian Country (Book Excerpt in NACLA)

When we stop the car, David Garcia opens the door, steps out, and walks straight to the metal border gate that officially separates the United States and Mexico. Garcia, an elder of almost sixty, has long graying hair that reaches to his shoulders. Without a word, the former Tohono O’odham tribal councilman opens the gate. […]

Our Constitutional Liberties Are Eroding From Border to Border (Book excerpt in Truthout)

The emergence of a ubiquitous surveillance state may be symbolized by the National Security Agency (NSA), but according to journalist Todd Miller those in the United States should also be looking to the nation’s borders. It is there that a creeping militarization threatens – in the name of protecting the country – to encroach upon […]

Frontera List Q&A about Border Patrol Nation

You’ve been reporting about the border for several years now, what made you decide to focus on border patrol and what surprised you the most in your findings? One of the first acts of journalism that I did was photograph a crew from the U.S. Army corps of engineers when they were building the wall […]

“Border Patrol Nation”: How US Creates War Zones at Boundaries With Mexico, Canada (Truthout Interview)

Todd Miller speaks with Truthout about his new book, Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security and about how the public is unaware that this country’s borders are being transformed into heavily militarized zones, north and south.