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Radio Interview: Border Patrol Nation, WORT FM Madison

Did you know that Customs and Border Protection is now the largest law enforcement agency in the US, spurring a huge border-industrial complex? Find out more about border protection by checking out this edition of APA!

Radio Interview on Political Perspectives KBOO

Please, click on the link to go to the interview. We have a nice discussion about Border Patrol Nation.

Interview in Street Roots News (a print publication)

The interview begins like this.. “Fear is big business, and managing that fear along our nation’s 5,000 border miles is a booming industry.” See the entire interview, by Joanne Zuhl, here:

Tracking a Marked Population: The National Security State and the U.S.-Mexican Border

With the agility of a seasoned Border Patrol veteran, the woman rushed after the students. She caught up with them just before they entered the exhibition hall of the eighth annual Border Security Expo, reaching out and grabbing the nearest of them by the shoulder. Slightly out of breath, she said, “You can’t go in […]

Print Interview with the Texas Observer’s Melissa del Bosque

Texas Observer: You cover a lot of territory in this book. It’s a very thorough examination of how the notion of border security and the U.S. Border Patrol has changed since 9/11. Todd Miller: Yes, I wanted to really focus on the expansion of the agency and what that means in one sense and also […]