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Interview on Radio Dispatch about Mexico’s Southern Border With Guatemala

Here’s the description: “Todd Miller joins us to discuss how the US is militarizing the southern border of Mexico, Malala Yousafzai wins the #NobelPeacePrize for her struggle against the suppression of children, and all sorts of listener mail.”

Mexico: The U.S. Border Patrol’s Newest Hire

When an exodus of Central American children occurred this summer, the U.S. media focused on the arrival of more than 60,000 children in Nogales, Arizona, and McAllen, Texas, where the Department of Homeland Security detained thousands of kids in warehouses and Air Force bases. Border hawks were quick to pontificate about the porosity of the […]

Border Patrol Nation interview: Uprising Radio at KPFK

I loved the engaged, interested  interview style of Sonali Kolhatkar. The interview was done in late July, but KPFK aired it this week. It is in two parts.

How We Scapegoat Children From Gaza to the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

A week ago was when I first saw the picture that appeared in the The Telegraph of children in the Gaza Strip trying to break the Guinness world record for kite-flying. The kites floating mid-air off the Mediterranean shore were a sight to behold. I was taken with the photo and the happiness of the […]

Bill of Rights Rollback in the U.S. Borderlands

Shena Gutierrez was already cuffed and in an inspection room in Nogales, Arizona, when the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent grabbed her purse, opened it, and dumped its contents onto the floor right in front of her. There couldn’t be a sharper image of the Bill of Rights rollback we are experiencing in the […]

Unauthorized Disclosure: What’s Missing in Discussions About Crisis with Child Refugees at US-Mexico Border

My appearance on the great podcast hosted by Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola. As put by Gosztola: Fifty-two thousand children have fled their homes in countries in Central America and journeyed to the United States. Some of them came with their families and the vast majority of them are now being put through a deportation […]

The Real News Network Interview: Security, Refugees, and Profit at the U.S. Border

“As record numbers of child migrants from Central America arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border, journalist Todd Miller says the crisis should be a treated as a refugee issue, not a security issue”

Radio Interview WLRN Miami on Border Patrol Nation

“Tuesday’s Topical Currents looks at the issue of  U.S. Border Patrol and Homeland Security’s ever-widening reach into the lives of American citizens and legal immigrants as well as the undocumented.”

The Real News Network Interview: Corporations Making a Killing as Billions Are Poured into Border Enforcement

“Author Todd Miller discusses how defense contractors look to cash in on President Obama’s expected $2 billion proposal in additional funding for border security”

Unfinished Business in Indian Country (Book Excerpt in NACLA)

When we stop the car, David Garcia opens the door, steps out, and walks straight to the metal border gate that officially separates the United States and Mexico. Garcia, an elder of almost sixty, has long graying hair that reaches to his shoulders. Without a word, the former Tohono O’odham tribal councilman opens the gate. […]